6 Safe Ways to Introduce Nuts to Baby — Baby FoodE


There is no doubt about it – introducing nuts to baby can be scary!

Below you will find out when, how and with what recipes are the best way to introduce nuts to baby. Hopefully it will take all (or at least some) of the fear away:)

When is it Safe to Introduce Nuts To Baby

New studies have shown that when babies are given high allergen foods (i.e. – nuts) before 11 months of age, they were actually 80% less likely to develop an allergy to that food later in life. So it is actually best TO INTRODUCE nuts to baby as early as 4-6 months of age and to NOT hold off on introducing peanuts and nuts to baby until later years.

YES, you read that right – it’s best to introduce nuts to baby at 4-6 months of age.

Of course, you will want to consult with your pediatrician on any concerns you have before you start introducing foods to baby. It’s also important to note that if any immediate family members have several allergies to any foods, that you should hold off on introducing those foods until baby is a little older.

What Nuts Can be Introduced to Baby

So you are obviously not going to hand your 4 month old a handful of whole peanuts (hello choking hazard!), instead, a great way to introduce nuts to baby is to serve them nut butter. Here are some of my favorite nut butters to serve them –

You can make your own nut butter or buy a store bought brand. If using a store bought brand, just make sure it is free from any additives such as sugar, salt, oils or preservatives – it should only contain nuts.

How to Introduce Nuts to Baby

I have found that by using nut butter you can introduce nuts to baby in so many fun and easy ways – stirred into baby’s favorite baby cereal, mixed into their purees, blended into their favorite smoothie, tossed with whole wheat pasta or spread onto a piece of bread. Below are some of my favorite ways to introduce nuts to baby.