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Clare Hooke



Would love tip win this for my very first b as by, would help me ease my first time mom jitters.


Rachel R

Hoping to win! This will be our first child and it would be amazing to have the peace of mind that Owlet offers!


My wife would love to have this for our soon to be baby girl.


Dhayciry Garcilazo

Baby girl is coming soon and this would be terrific to have ❤️


Dhayciry Garcilazo

Baby girl is coming soon! I’ve read so many good things about owlet, hoping to get this for my little one ❤️❤️


Bailey halvorson

I’m hoping to win! Although my daughter hasn’t been diagnosed with anything (yet) she tends to stop breathing at night and it’s so scary. It keeps me up and it’s suoer exhausting when I need to work in the morning!


Kelsey Fetterolf

Really hoping I win! This is our first child and this would give me piece of mind knowing I can track my baby girls heart rate. I flagged high for 22q and I see a specialist to get an echo done to make sure baby girls heart is alright! It would be a blessing to win just so i can have piece of mind when she is here! Good luck to all you mommas!


Saw some video on YouTube about owlet product, would love to try it out. Hope I will get one for my baby due in March then!


Jasmine Vance

Hoping it win for my little girl due in June.


Shelbie Humphrey

Our son has been diagnosed with Laryngomalacia and stops breathing at times in his sleep. To have this would give us a new sense of security and ability to rest at night knowing he’s perfectly okay


Nathan Richardson

Would love to have this monitor for my brand new daughter


Sarah Blackburn

Praying to win , this is our first child and I am excited this has been created to save babies lives !


Rhiannon Click

I’m due October 29th! We are over the moon! I would love to have the reassurance the Owlet gives!


Our last baby had health issues this monitor would have been so helpful to have back then. I hope to win for the peace of mind it will bring with our next baby

I want it!


Morgan Lee Whites

Hoping for a chance to win know this would be something to help my fiancé sleep a little easier at night with the baby.


I have been waiting to try this since I heard about it a few years ago, and I am finally expecting!! This is very exciting. This would be such.. I’m sure IT IS such a wonderful gift for any parent!! Definitely would give you peace of mind. Good luck to everyone!


We’re so excited for our first baby in May and an Owlet monitor woukd be awesome!


Joshua Kirt Willard

I heard about this product from one of my paramedic partners and since we are expecting I was highly intrigued. I found the Instagram page and have been viewing all the products. My only reason for not making a purchase is the cost. We are living on my paycheck alone and in the Bay Area of California it’s a day to day struggle for sure. Maybe if I get a bonus or work a ton of overtime…or win this giveaway 😉
Happy Valentines Day


would love to win and test to keep an eye on my little one!


Kendra Hernandez

I’m pregnant with my first child and winning this prize would be such a blessing for us! I can’t afford something fancy like this myself but I walk past it at target all the time and it looks like such a nice product! Thanks for the entries!


My husband and I are trying for our first. This would give such peace of mind once we have our little miracle


Ive been wanting to try this since before I had my first child. Id love to try it with my second (born this October). I believe it would help me get way more sleep with this baby since I eont be constantly checking if he/shes breathing.


Sara Hellett

Due in July and I would love to try Owlet itrms!


Kristin Davis

I would LOVE this bundle… just the peice of mind that my lil baby boy is fine during the night will let me get extra sleep.. and not checking on him 100 times a night ! ❤❤

Julie Plante

We are expecting our first child in April and we couldn’t be more excited. The owlet sock and camera was the first item I researched. We would love to ensure our sweet girl is a safe and happy baby!


Allison Meadows

I’m pregnant with my 4th and last baby and would love to be able to keep extra tabs on her with an owlet!


I have been wanting to teyviwlet but can’t afford it right now. Hoping I can win one for my baby girl that is coming this June 🙂


I would really appreciate something like this as a soon to be 1st time single mom to be who currently financially drained by just making sure I’m fully prepared and have everything I’m going to need for my unborn twins I can only dream of one day being able to afford this so I can fully smother myself in every moment and minute in my babies growth. You guys have something amazing.

I never win anything this would be fun to win for my first baby in the way 🙂 so excited to meet him and heard so much about the owlet !


Kirby Broderick

Would be soooo thankful to win this wonderful product!!!!!


Laura Ketterman

Thanks for the entries, while I’m not pg my daughter in law is and as i am raising their other 3 children and will be the new baby, the youngest having heart issues, this would really help this Gigi sleep better at . Thanks again for this wonderful product!


Kortney Sugs

Love owlet but I don’t have one and I want one


Johanna Gonzalez

Winning one would help put my mind at ease for our new little bundle of joy. I wouldn’t have to watch him like a hawk at night. Thanks for the chance! ❤️


Allison Tims

Can’t wait!


Shelbie Humphrey

We have a little man who has reflux and Laryngomalacia and this would be heaven sent to have to be able to monitor his breathing at night and really give me a sense of relief


Love the Owlet I used it with my daughter but she broke hers I’m expecting another and hoping to win this! It would be so great!


Whitney Moore

I would love to win for my baby boy!


Stacey Kilpatrick

Thank you for saving lives and allowing parents to rest easy!


Lauren Clark

I would absolutely love to win and be so grateful! This would put my mind at ease and help whatever sleep I can manage to get lol be peaceful with the reassurance that my baby boy to be is safe with the owlet care monitor.

My husband and I have been trying and crossing our fingers it will happen soon! Would love to win for our future child!


Love this! Had a first gen for my first born!


Irina Dimov

This giveaway is amazing! Would love to win! ❤️


Alyssa Kartchner

I would love love this! Please please! So much peace of mind with this invention. THANK YOU!


This would be an awesome way to learn more about Owlet.


I would love to win


Amanda Johns

We love your products!


Amanda Johns

We would love to win the giveaway for our little one! He is almost 1 month old


I would love this gift


Yasmin Ebnit

Would love to be considered as we prepare to adopt two beautiful baby boys into our family.


Mark Parangan

really want this!


Micaela Cameron

Making sleepless nights not so sleepless…



As a first time Mama to be, a very anxious one at that, when I saw this product I KNEW I had to have it! Knowing our daughter is safe is our number one priority and the Owlet will alleviate the anxiety of the unknown. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway guys!


Savanah Lamb

Love Owlet!


Hoping for luck. Thank you for the giveaway !


Jamie Stansfield

Excited about this!

Jillian R

I lose so much sleep worrying about my children especially during sick months. Maybe I can finally breathe and actually sleep. Thanks for a chance❤️


I’m within 2weeks of the ending of a very high risk pegnancy. Baby does have a heart issue and it would greatly help me to be able to have a little peace at mind and heal during recovery period with a system like this to help monitor babys heart.



Would love to win the monitor and cam!!


Than me for the entry!


Thanks for the chance to sleep without worry


I have always been interested in the owlet!


Cailey Sanford

I’m not expecting a baby, however my sister in law and brother are! This is the first grandbaby for both sides of their family. My Sister in law is super close with me and I’d love to give her a wonderful baby shower gift.


Caitlyn barber

Thank you for the entries.


Monica Jones

Such a great investment!


I’m trying to win this for my Step daughter . Shes 16 and 12 weeks pregnant and SIDDS runs high in her family


Valeria Gonzalez

First time mommy and I’d like to be extremely prepared 🙂


This would put me at such ease with transitioning our sweet girl to her crib in her room.


Camille A

Such an amazing technology to put parents at ease. This would truly be a welcome calm to transition our sweet girl to sleeping in her crib and her room!


Such an amazing giveaway!


Amanda Akkerman

Thank you!


Kaitlyn Gropp

This would be amazing to have for our son. He just recently had a seizure in the middle of the night & he’s only 5&1/2 months old.
Such an awesome giveaway!


I love the idea of the owlet. As a nurse, my daughter wearing this would give me more piece of mind.


Would love a chance to try these products!


Stephanie cantu

I would love one! Ever since I got pregnant this has been on my top 1 must haves.






Love it


Kayla Sandlin

Absolutely love owlet!!!! 😀


The best price of mind a new mom can have!


Hoping my family wins this awesome package!


Tanya Paul

I’d love this!!


Olga sophia Guimarães

My daughter recently had heart surgery and we have to monitor her heart rate and oxygen level through a machine but having the sock do that for us so I don’t have to worry all night would be so amazing!!


Thanks for the entry. Fingers crossed!!

Fingers crossed to win this giveaway!!!


Best invention ever. Gives you piece of mind.


Holly Chiarugi

Hope I win this!


Ashley Wharton

Would love to win this for my baby boy Bennett!!


I have a friend who is pregnant and if won, id love to surprise her with this !
I added her due date but my information


Alejandra Meza

Please pick me! My husband and I are PhD students so money is tight! Any help would be appreciated


Thanks for the entry!


Laura Bard

Thanks for the entry!


Greatest invention! #PeaceOfMind



Thanks for the giveaway! Owlet is an amazing family of gadgets!


Thank you!


Colleen Campanaro

Been out on disability and bedrest for 4 months due to pregnancy complications, we would love to have this so when our little one is born we know she is safe and sound!


Christina schreiber

Love how much peach of mind this must give. Our oldest had asthma as an infant and this would have been a lifesaver!


Tiffany Besamat

Wow…..what an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance to win these great products. There is nothing more valuable than peace of mind than it comes to our little ones.


Becca Malott

Omg this is such an amazing giveaway!


Julie Schultz

Would love to win this, thank you!


My daughter is expecting our first grandchild. The Owlet would be perfect for my first time mommy!!


Marlaina Horton

Love love love the Owlet. Have never had better peace of mind.


Crossing my fingers


Leah Miller

Awesome opportunity! Thanks!


Thanks for the chance


Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful product!


Thanks for the consideration!!


What an awesome giveaway!!
I would love to win these two amazing products!! ♥️


Thanks for the chance to win!!!


I love getting/giving candy hearts with fun sayings!


Heard great things about this and would love to have this for our first baby! Little peace of mind for our little one.


Jacqueline gross

Wow I would love to have this for my next baby…


Would love this for our first baby!


Fingers crossed! What a blessing this would be!!


Helena Ancor

Due with our our little one in two months and after having a SGA baby last time, this would give me such a peace of mind And restful sleep knowing that we are doing everything possible to keep a close eye on the new one. This would be a dream !


I would love this product I need it for my little munchkin joining us sometime this week


Bre Madsen

Currently trying to conceive our 2nd. My first was in the NICU after inhaling meconium and I was so overwhelmed and anxious about her breathing. I had postpartum as well so I know with out next one of these will reduce my stress and anxiety.


I would love to win this to feel safer at night knowing my baby is safe


Stephanie I

We would love this for baby brother!


Barb Sili

I wish I had known about this product earlier. I haven’t seen this anywhere around me. My son was in the nicu and he had a bracelet on his leg. I figure this is the same mechanism. The hospital one was so filmsy and coiled a lot. I definitely will have to get this for my second baby so I can make sure my baby is ok. I check my son’s heartbeat still cause sometimes its high and I get worried.


This is my number 1 must have!


I would love to have this product for our little baby girl. She will be arriving sometime in April 2019


Kristy Rooney

Would love to get this!


Kelly Tillman

Would love to have this product to keep a close eye on my baby


Creating new family traditions with my girls because I didn’t have any growing up


Creating new family traditions with my girls since I never had any growing up


Jenna Gerber

My sister in law raves about the sock, and we have put both items on our registry! We would love to have them when our son arrives in June!



I’m excited to have the owlet with this baby!


Creating new family traditions for my girls since I never had them growing up.


Creating traditions for my girls since I never had them growing up.



Our little guy was due valentines day but he made an early appearance 1/17/19! We were all prepared for a 9 pound baby but he surprised us at 6 pounds 13 ounces. We did not have any premie outfits and barely any newborn outfits. We only had size 1 diapers and no formula yet….we had to send grandma out for some essentials while we were still in the hospital. It would be amazing to win this for our little trooper on his 1 month (original due date) birthday.


Leha Vimieiro

My previous daughter had silent seizures her first year of life. I would love an owlet monitor for my new baby on the way, to be able to have peace of mind and sleep a bit of possible. I have lupus and stress flared it up. And there’s nothing more stressful than a baby who stops breathing. I hope this baby will not have silent seizures, but the only way to be safe is with an owlet monitor. I hope I win since I don’t work and am disabled. It would be such a big gift for us. Thank you.


I would absolutely love to win as he is still in the NICU


Amy Costley

Would love this with twins on the way

I would love to use owlet with our soon to arrive little one! We had one with our other son, and loved it!

I would love to use owlet with our soon to arrive little one!


Jessica McIntyre

I love owlet! So much piece of mind for our baby girl who has had multiple episodes or “events.” We take her monitor to the sitter for I can monitor her from work. another monitor would be ao helpful!


Jillian Evilsizer

Love owlet products! Peace of mind is absolutely priceless


Monica crabtree

Cant wait



Thank you for the chance!


This Valentine’s Day is mine and my husbands 10 year dating anniversary. Last Valentine’s Day we announced we were pregnant and this year we are wrapping up our first CHD week. Our son was born with half a heart which is why we would love the monitor.


Alesha Tennyson

Can’t wait to start the movie tradition with our little man!!


Lindsay James

After my first daughter stopped breathing when she was born at the hospital. The NICU saved her life. We immediately ordered the owlet. When we came home with our baby and had the owlet on we felt like we could maybe sleep a little with out staring at her the whole time.
Now that we have another baby and she sleeps so well. We let the owlet do its thing . And we can be better parents for our kids by having a successful sleep. Thank you so much , this product made life with a newborn way less stressful !


carly Goodman

unfortunately don’t have a twitter but entered every other way! would love to win this amazing giveaway for my baby due in march!!


Being a soon to be first time parent, This would ease my worries at night time when baby is sleeping


April Leclerc

Would love to win! These would make my babies safe! 8 months pregnant and i have a 18 months old


I would love to receive this product as I am a soon-to-be first time mom!


Melanie Pleasant

Owning would be such a stress relief!


Single mama to be with anxiety would love this for my baby ❤️


Melanie Pleasant

Love the Owlet!


Hillary Boyd

Would love this product – being a first time mom is stressful enough!

Can’t wait to start new traditions with my baby this year!


Whitney Deboer

Would love this product!